Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Journey's End

We will be posting pictures today as soon as they are received so keep checking this post for updates on the girls' final day of The SIMPLER Journey.

And the final Journey Day dawns - 'First day of the rest of our lives'

Group 4 heading off for their paddle - nearly homeward bound

Group 1 enjoying their freshly milked milk!

Group 2 at Spioenkop

Group 3 have finished their cycle

Groups 3 & 4 awaiting Groups 1 & 2 at Emseni so they can tuck into the delicious food!

As Tuesday draws to a close

News from Group 2
Playing cards with friends

Samp & Beans for supper - YUM! (Group 2)

Sunset (Group 2)

Group 4 - it's raining

Amazing Sunset on final night (Support Staff)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday's news from the girls

One more sleep and they're home!

Group 3 ready to go 'a-milking'

Group 3 enjoying a cuddle with these adorable puppies

Group 3s VERY muddy boots!

Group 4 were cycling today - Mrs Bennetts & the Ezemvelo Guard

Monday, 23 March 2015

Monday's News

Group 1 discussing the 'plan of action' for the day

Group 2 having a rest from cycling

Group 3 staying out of the rain & drinking hot chocolate

Group 4's view

Bits 'n Bobs from Solo Day

Some 'luxury' Solo day homes

Support staff are always at work

And at the end of the day, group 'spa' treatments including hair washing

Sunday, 22 March 2015

"Solo Day" - Sunday 22 March

Today the girls are experiencing their 'Solo Day' so there will probably not be many pictures or any news coming through.  The girls are tired, some are nursing blisters, some have sore hands and feet and some have small niggling injuries. Emotionally they are also tired and have been in the company of the same girls for 5 days and nights - which does result in some 'rattiness'. 

Today's semi-isolated 'me-time' is an opportunity to physically rest, to reflect on their achievements and on what lies ahead.  They can repack and tidy their bags, dry out their clothes or just relax and sleep.

Rejuvenation for staff and girls alike!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

After a HOT Saturday, news from the girls

Group 2 getting to grips with the finer skills of milking by hand

And then finding time to relax (Group 2)

Group 3 relaxing

And Group 4 relaxing too!

Friday's news from Group 2

Group 2 ready for their paddle on Friday morning

Setting up camp at Ukuthula

Enjoying the waterfall

Playing cards & relaxing

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday morning's news

Group 1 heading out from Mpika with Ezemvelo Guards/Guides

Group 4 working hard

Group 4 enjoying a well-earned swim at Bush Camp

News from the girls as Thursday draws to a close

Group 2 at Bush Camp

Group 3 Mascot
Group 3 at Bheki's Kraal
Group 4 at Emseni, on Emseni Obstacle Course & in their 'house'

Thursday, 19 March 2015

And the next morning....

Group 1 breaking camp this morning

Group 1 safety chat & putting on life jackets (above) & ready to go (below)

Group 2 on the metal bridge over the Tugela River

Group 2 walking in the light rain